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Quill Graphics

a place for icons and other graphics!

Icons for Storytelling
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Welcome to my graphics community! Whether you wish to just use the graphics or make posts of your own, there are a few simple rules that everyone must follow!

1. Credit is not necessary but it is always nice!
2. If you do wish to use any graphics, please leave a comment. It only takes two seconds to do so!
3. When making requests, please do so by using the appropriate tag!
4. If you need a tag, please either contact me through PM or by saying so in your post!
5. Keep content mature and appropriate for all ages. So nothing extremely graphic or containing sexual content.
6. Cross-posting is allowed!
7. Have fun!

All types of icons, banners, headers, and stamps are allowed here! If you want to do it off of a book, tv show, theatre production, animal, whatever... it's all welcome! If you use images that do not belong to you, please make sure that you have permission to use them and that you give appropriate credit!

Guidelines for Posting:
1. Please state what the icons are of and how many you have of each.
2. Only 3 icons may be above a cut.
3. When posting headers/banners, please use a thumbnail no wider than 300pxl.
4. No more than one banner or header may be posted above a cut.
5. Tag your post!

If you have any questions, feel free to email one of the mods!

Layout Credit:dana_duchovny @ mintyapple